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Established in 1994 as a small wheeled-walker company, Evolution Technologies Inc. is today Canada’s leader in the four-wheel walker industry known around the world for its exceptional product quality and customer service. From humble beginnings as a tiny workplace with three people, Evolution’s operations have grown to include two manufacturing plants and five sales and customer service locations.

In developed countries like Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe, the need to maintain an active lifestyle while aging is rapidly increasing. Cultural discrepancies in different parts of the world create diverse mobility products however, global market integration makes it necessary to share common product features and emphasizes the importance that research and development has on evolving technologies. Evolution is committed to finding innovative ways to maximize mobility and user comfort.

The company has developed additional division areas including walkers, home health care products, electronics and research and development facilities. Evolution has established a team of experts in manufacturing and marketing to create synergy in all fields. The company intends to expand into other market areas not currently being addressed to provide new innovative products.