Evolution conducted the first ever national educational seminar series on walker prescription in the spring and fall of 2007. There were a total of 24 seminars across Canada, these seminars have been designed to enhance the knowledge of occupational and physiotherapists seeking more information on the prescription of mobility aids.

The seminar series, sponsored by Evolution with presenter Sheila Buck, B.Sc. (OT), Reg. (Ont.), has received tremendous support and accolades from health practitioners across Canada.

Advances in walker concepts and the speed that technology changes today leaves many therapists trying to squeeze in time to conduct research and locate suitable walkers for their clients. With this in mind, Evolution approached Sheila Buck, a well known educational therapist to design a formal clinical educational seminar. Witnessing the health community’s need for more in-depth education where walkers are concerned, Sheila immediately agreed to conduct the series. The seminars are held in major cities throughout Canada with hundreds of therapists in attendance.

Given the overwhelming success of this program, we look forward to providing the next series of walker education seminars.

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