Xpresso lite series

Xpresso Lite 提供更舒適獨立地生活方式,是為有輕框架需求的使用者所設計。Xpresso Lite 系列的特點是能夠節省煞車線維護開銷、舒適軟墊和極輕的輪胎。


在北美洲所擁有的 9 項專利,Xpresso Tacoma 的獨特設計提供最穩定和耐用的特性


* 美國組裝

* 僅限供給美國和加拿大西部

WXW52A 1446x1784

在北美洲所擁有的 16 項專利,Xpresso wide 的獨特設計提供最穩定和耐用的特性


The Trillium Series is the most comfortable walker on the market today.

With the new quilted padded seat cushion and wide back strap pad, users can sit in comfort and walk in style. The Trillium comes with an all-new cable-free braking system, allowing for effortless handle height adjustment and easy maintenance.

Effective Oct 1, 2020, the curb climber accessory is no longer included in Trilliums.


Evolution's popular Xpresso Lite series is now available in a cable-free version.

With cable-free brakes, a center folding seat, durable folding basket, the Xpresso folds easily and is compact.